What to do on a Friday without any plans, whatsoever? Go explore the Flower District of downtown, of course! 

I have a secret. And it’s that I love flowers. Allow me to clarify… I don’t like just any old thing atop a stem that you can buy, wrapped in plastic and curly ribbon. What I do love is rummaging through rows and rows of freshly cut bundles, picking and choosing each bloom as if I’m assembling my outfit for Fashion Week.. OR.. like I’m carefully selecting my color palette to embark on painting a fresh canvas.

Those are big analogies and I’m sticking with ‘em. All of that to say that I spent most of today on Spring Street, discovering the secrets of local floral shops and uncovering the tricks of wedding planners alike. If you want to know where to get those trendy glass candy jars in bulk (like these: 1 and 2 ), I’m your gal. Yes, it did feel like a Costco for floral design. It was insanity and I liked it.

Hey Los Angeles, thanks for the lovely flowers. I will dress my home and myself in them, until their time has passed. So, you can expect me back next week!